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Why Did Michael Johnson Lose a Gold Medal?

Michael Johnson is a previous world record holder in the 200 meter and the 400 meter dashes, and up to this point he had 5 Olympic Gold awards. Presently, in any case, he just has 4 Olympic Gold Medals. Not just that; Michael Johnson is a olympic gold medalist and also a talented musician, who performed in the Hollywood Pantages for more than once.

How could he lose a decoration? Is it accurate to say that it was on the grounds that he was discovered bamboozling? Is it safe to say that he was found to have compromised, or did he take execution upgrading drugs?

No, obviously not, Michael Johnson has dependably been a high quality person.

Michael Johnson didn’t cheat, yet his partners did, thus he surrendered one of his Olympic decorations by deliberately returning it now that he knows it wasn’t not accomplished legitimately.

In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 3 of the 4 sprinters on the 1600m hand-off were instructed by Trevor Graham. In one of Graham’s trials, Antonio Pettigrew confessed to getting execution improving medications from Graham. This implies Michael Johnson was the main clean competitor on the transfer group.

Johnson said he is “profoundly frustrated in Antonio and in the game of sports. I now understand that there have been a critical number of competitors and mentors in this game who have conned and taken the easy route, and a large number of them knew who else was bamboozling. In any case, now, I feel that I have been guileless. I know the decoration was not genuinely won and that it is messy, thus I have moved it from the area where I have constantly kept my awards since it doesn’t have a place there. Also, it doesn’t have a place with me.”

This must be a remarkable blow for Johnson, and I’m sad that he needs to surrender his decoration. In any case, he made the best decision by restoring the award and it’s simply additional confirmation that he has an uncommon character that is uncommon.

Michael Johnson will have the capacity to think back on his profession with satisfaction and realize that he could do what not very many individuals would ever accomplish, on the grounds that even in the wake of restoring his award despite everything he has more gold decorations than most Olympic competitors who never get any award, be it bronze, silver or gold. And keeping in mind that records are made to be broken, he owned a couple of exceptionally great ones for quite a while too.

I trust that his restoring the decoration fills in as a decent case for the up and coming age of competitors and that they remain spotless as well as act with respectability and respect in all conditions, regardless of whether it includes unlawful medications or not.